Cartist is India's first and only unique automobile art platform that aims to bring the world of automobiles and art together. The term "Cartist" has been conceptualized from the words, Car (auto, mobility) and Artist (creative mobility) i.e., the emerging trends of an automobile as a creative space of day to day urbanizing society. Cartist is passionately concerned about building a bridge among the art practitioners, automobile, art lovers and society.

Within short span of 3 years, Cartist has created huge impact by curating innovative events and collaborations to spread awareness on art and automobiles among society. Cartist Arts Festival is a flagship multi-disciplinary arts event held annually in Jaipur, participated by eminent artists and thousands of students to experience art and automobiles. Another important unique initiative is the yearly Cartist Yatra that aims to travel across 8100kms in India to promote art and automobile and touch millions of lives. In addition, collaborations with State Governments, Art Organizations, SIAM, Indian Railways/ Metro, Corporates have led to curation of numerous projects aimed to promote art and automobiles in India. So far, nearly 1800 artists engaged in various endeavors, and million of people witnessed new art platform for the very first time in India.

Recently, Cartist has launched a unique innovation "Project Rebirth" that aims to create furniture and artifacts out of scrap cars to achieve sustainable reuse and up cycling of automotive parts. In near future, Cartist plans to sell automobile inspired artworks online and establish retail outlets in selected cities of India to create an industry that will support artists and generate skill-based employment.

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