“Bringing art and automobile together as one.”

Art has been a part of our lives for as long as humanity has existed. For thousands of years, people have been creating, looking at, and enjoying art. The connection between what the artist means to achieve and what he achieves through the medium is what I believe classifies art. If what the artist meant to say is understood by at least one person in this world, when we can safely call that piece art.

While speaking about Cartist Yatra it is compulsory to include artists as this Yatra is incomplete without their participation in it. CARTIST is a staunch promoter of art and culture and believes that art can change people’s opinion about things, as it was said by Victor Pinchuk “Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics”. Art is a way to express your views and thoughts to a wide audience through creative techniques. It is something that captures the eyes and a way through which you make others see what you want them to see. It is the journey of a free soul. So we would love to welcome all the artists out there to be a part of one of the coolest yatra’s in India the CARTIST YATRA.

We would select 20 artist after the Yatra completion and will invite them to be a part of the Cartist Automobile Art Festival in Jaipur. The travel expenses of the artists will be handled by Cartist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there any registration fee for participation?

No, there is no registration fee for the artists who are participating in Yatra

2. Eligibility criteria for participation?

There are no eligibility criteria. The artists need to be physically fit.

3. In what medium mainly artists have to work with?

Canvas and Acrylic colour.

4. In which city the interested artists can participate?

The interested artists can choose the city they want to participate from

5. Will any remuneration be presented to the participating artists?

No remuneration will be presented to the participating artists.

6. What kind of activities would be organized during the halts?

During halts artist will get opportunity to beat local artist and interact with prominent people.

7. What are the materials that will be provided by the Cartist?

Paints, mugs, bowls will be provided by Cartist. You will have to carry your own brushes and any other material requires from your end

8. What are the materials artists have to carry with them?

Artists will have to carry their own brushes and any other material requires from your end.

9. What about the property rights of the Artworks produced by Artists during the Cartist Yatra?

All the artwork created by you will be the property of Cartist and you can’t take them with you.

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