The Cartist Festival-India's Biggest Automobile Art Festival, is the flagship yearly event set over a period of four days in the vibrant pick city of India- Jaipur. Curated by Himanshu Jangid in 2015 with a simple thought of creating "Art for People", this festival aims to stimulate a passion for automobile art among young students, artists, and society at large. The primary objective is to encourage, support, and promote the concept of Automobile Arts in India through preserving the heritage, sensitizing masses, and promoting young artists who are willing to show their creative expressions through automobile art in different forms, such as paintings, sculptures, design, clay, photography, installation, sketching, calligraphy, caricature, etc.

Over the years, it has established as a unique platform for the society to have direct exposure to a range of art forms, develop their art, but importantly enabling interactions across a wide spectrum of people and networks. It showcases creative automobile art across multiple mediums and formats, to create a lively cultural environment through music, live art sessions, discussions for individuals to experience art and many others. Eminent Artists and practitioners are involved in curating each year's festival to bring a fresh, diverse, and multi-disciplinary perspective.

The Cartist Festival has experimented with art-forms, installations, displays, involving over 900 Artists including more than 2000 artworks created, alongside a line-up of programs spanning workshops, exhibitions, talks, live music, dance, live art, and children art education. In such a short time, it has become bigger and better by inspiring thousands of youngsters and providing opportunities for self-expression, art education, and enjoyment. The festival has not only impacted at the individual level but also at the community level by involving people and building positive community identity and pride.

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