Cartist Yatra aims to bring automobile art closer to the society by conducting multi-city exhibitions, wherein workshops and shows on art and design are organized for the public. The Cartist Yatra travels to selected cities of India showcasing paintings, scooter and car art installations, sculptures, artifacts, art supplies, etc involving local artists artwork and art installations.

Cartist Yatra provides a platform for emerging and established young artists to inspire, express, and contribute towards automobile art. For local artists working in all disciplines on art, Cartist Yatra provides an opportunity to experiment and innovate on their own terms, without commercial pressures, this is profoundly liberating and empowering. Beyond this, it provides an opportunity for the society to interact, experience, participate, and celebrate the journey of art and automobiles. Active participation and engagement of artists, youth, society adds momentum to the automobile art and design in India and will continue to expand their contribution and participation.

In 2017, CARTIST launched Cartist Yatra that traveled across India for 121 days, visited 9 Cities, covering 10000 kms and, bringing 1000 artists together to cultivate their artistic talents. The artwork was performed on 20 motorbikes, 22 cars as a canvas by the mesmerizing hands of Indian Artists. The Yatra endured a visibility of 2 crores with the participation of 1 lakh students. It got immense media coverage from all channels and media groups making the Yatra a memorable journey to bring automobile art closer to society.

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