For the first time ever in the Indian automobile and art history, a brand new Mercedes E-type 220 was offered to Cartist Yatra to be artified in Pune, which was a moment of pride to artfully create colorful graphical design on it. The yatra organized four days event at the Agriculture College, where more than 100 artists participated and art enthusiasts of the city visited the exhibition. To add on to the Pune Youth spirit, Cartist painted an Ambassador Car- a car representing the legacy of the Indian automobile history. Along with this, Herald - one of the vintage car was also given an artistic look. A lot of art lovers from the nook and corners of the city came and enjoyed the live car painting of the high-end model cars. In addition to this, airbrush artists painted three motorbikes which were later showcased in the art exhibition along with all the painted cars, artworks, and the automobile art collections. The initiative was enthusiastically supported by young local artists and few prominent artists including, Kadam Shrikant, Dinkar Jadhav, Ajay Deshpande, and Ram Kharatmat.

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