IPL Team Rajasthan Royals

Cartist was privileged to partner with the IPL Team Rajasthan Royals in April 2018. Cartist displayed one of its Jaguar Wire Frame Car Installation , Bettle wireframe Installation , Jaguar created from scrap parts , Ac cobra wire frame Installation ,beetle car showcasing art work of weavers of Rajasthan at the Sawai ManSingh Stadium.

Resurgent Rajasthan

Cartist partnered with Government of Rajasthan’s quintessential initiative, Resurgent Rajasthan 2015, campaign aimed to spur investments from global private sector industries. First time ever, the Mobile Art Gallery comprising of over 100 auto-rickshaws were painted by local artists in the State of Rajasthan by Cartist team. Auto-rickshaws were decked up with tradition, heritage, and beauty of Rajasthan with an abstract element in it. In addition, artwork, paintings, and installations were put up at different locations such as Jaipur International Airport, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal etc. All these locations were revamped with automobile art.

Chief Minister of Rajasthan took a ride auto ride from her residence to SMS Convention Centre to promote Auto Art and later officially Inaugurated the Auto Art Exhibition at Albert Hall Museum .

The prime purpose of the Moving Art Initiative was to bring art closer to the masses through the medium of automobiles. It was a tremendous success, hugely celebrated and appreciated initiative by the public, investors, as well as Government of Rajasthan. The successful idea and execution of this pilot initiative on Moving Art Concept was adapted by other State Government Initiatives.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Cartist partnered with Jaipur Literature Festival— the greatest literary festival in India— by displaying Colourful Autos and providing free rides on artistically created Cars delegates , authors, celebrities, old age and divyangs. This initiative received an overwhelming response from the delegates as well as the public, creating a lifetime memory. Partners for JLF-2016, 2017 and 2018.

Indian Railways

In 2016, in partnership with Indian Railways and Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Cartist embarked on a novel project to transform Jaipur Railway Stations into Open-Air Art Galleries. The motive behind this initiative was to connect society with rich art and heritage, breaking the monotony of daily lives and providing tangible, aspirational, joyful, colorful, artistic spaces visible to the passersby.

Under this project, a team of artists refurbished the physical space of the Jaipur Railway Stations and painted them with traditional art forms, such as Jogi Art at Jaipur Main Railway Station , Katpatli Art at Jaipur Gandhi Nagar Railway Station with innovative themes and colors,Skylines of jaipur at Jaipur Durgapura Railway Station . Apart from heritage and rich culture preservation, it brought a step closer to the Clean India Initiative. Renovating Public places in such initiatives gave a platform for the local artists to showcase their talents and earn their livelihoods. The success of this pilot initiative by Cartist was adapted by Indian Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu to paint other Railway Stations on a Pan India level.

Absolut India

Cartist designed an art station for ABSOLUT India at the Jaipur Club. Association of Jaipur with the international contemporary Art initiative with Absolut art was done by Cartist a tribute to a multicultural and rich artistic heritage of India and to its people.

The Artwork depicts traditional Rajasthan in a modern art form, PopArt on 8 feet sculpture of bottle on which the Skylines of Rajasthan including Hawa Mahal, Amer, Badal Mahal, Jal Mahal are painted in the form of pop art. The Puppet Art of Rajasthan reflected the rich and colorful heritage of Rajasthan is the background on which a Car was installed.

Rally for Rivers -Isha Foundation

Cartist supported Sadhguru's Rally for Rivers Campaign- reviving Indian Rivers by painting his fleet of Mahindra cars on the theme of "Saving Rivers: India's Lifelines". The cars were allotted to different local artists who portrayed the theme in their own genre of depiction. The painted cars were much appreciated and displayed at the Rally for Rivers Event. Cartist also got the opportunity to paint Sadhguru's Mercedes Car, in which he drove across India at JECC, Jaipur on September 28, 2017. Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Sadhguru acknowledged Cartist's active contribution in this movement and wished all success.

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