Realizing the need to address the issue of Sanitation, Cartist in association with Jaipur Municipal Corporation implemented a novel initiative in May 2017, to create art on mobile public toilets in the city. Under this initiative, Mobile Public toilets were revamped with creative artwork by renowned artists to promote sanitation in the community. The event was organized in prominent locations of the city, where there was a high flow of traffic and interfaced with the community.

In yet another unique initiative, Cartist in association with Jaipur Municipal Corporation has designed artistic door-to-door garbage collection vans as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The initiative aimed at creating positive behavior changes among the community on sanitation and hygiene and mobilizing them to use services. The purpose was to create awareness among masses on sanitation and hygiene by linking with Rajasthan Art. Also, it was aimed at engaging communities in creating artwork on mobile toilets and changing behavior on hygiene and sanitation and promoting the use of toilets.

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