For Artist

  • What is Cartist?

    Cartist is India’s first and only automobile art platform that aims to bring the world of

    automobiles and art together. The term “Cartist” has been conceptualized from the words, Car (auto, mobility) and Artist (creative mobility) i.e., the emerging space of realizing art in conjunction with automobiles. Cartist builds a bridge among the artists, automobile enthusiasts/owners, art lovers and society at large. In 2022, we are expanding our footprint through launching an online automobile art marketplace. This would not only promote automobile art globally and in India but also provide a platform for artists to sell their artwork.

  • Why sell on Cartist?

    Cartist is India’s leading automobile art platform. Automobile art is an emerging market in India and globally and it offers a unique platform to sell your most valued artwork.

    Here are few reasons to sell on Cartist:

    • Reach a global audience and in India
    • Sell and own your portfolio, with your listed pricing and get insights
    • Join a community of artists from across India and receive exclusive benefits, such was discounts and promotion
    • Secure and fair payments: Cartist will only take their commission on artwork sales (which is much lower than other art marketplaces)

    For joining us, please click here.

    Welcome to the Cartist Community! We are so happy to have you in our journey.

  • How do I register as an artist with Cartist?

    It is a simple and quick process. To apply on Cartist, click here. You will need to fill a simple form with basic details and add 5 sample artworks on your Website profile. Our curators will evaluate your portfolio and revert back if we agree to partner with you. After your submission of artist information, we will revert back with our decision and next steps within 15 days.

  • What is the criteria for registration?

    To maintain consistency and quality of the Cartist brand, we will evaluate your art for style, technique, vision and suitability in the market as per Cartist’s vision after you apply.

    Few basic criteria apart from art evaluation for consideration are:

    You must be 18 years of age

    We will only accept original artwork, which means no reproduction or copied work

    Professional and emerging both artists are encourage to apply

    All decisions made by Cartist are final and no further queries will be responded to.

  • Can artists living outside can register?

    Cartist is an equally opportunity platform. One can apply even if they live outside India. However, to provide your payments you would need an Indian bank account for us to credit your payment in Rupees. We do not remit artists in other currencies and into overseas bank accounts at the moment.

  • How many artworks can I upload on Cartist?

    Cartist will provide full control to manage the artist’s profile and portfolio. At any given time, you may upload up to 20 original artworks for sale.

  • How will you promote my art?

    Cartist will be promoting your art through various ways digital marketing, branding on Websites, events, etc. We will do our best to make sure all artwork receives adequate spotlight and reaches the eyes of buyers in the appropriate manner.

  • How should I set the price for my artwork?

    Prices for your artwork are at your discretion. Few suggestive points for your reference as you set your price are:

    • Compare your artwork with other artists: Before setting a price, compare the price of similar art style/medium.
    • Cost of creation: You may consider the cost of your art supplies and time and effort while deciding on the price.

    Do not forget to account for Cartist Commision. Cartist has the right to reject any artwork that is not priced appropriately on the Website. Any buyer or art collection should look at your artwork and see the  value of your art and concept.

  • How are prints priced?

    The value of print is determined based on the popularity of original artwork, scarcity, and affordability.

  • What happens if artwork is not sold for a long time?

    If your artworks are not sold for more than 1 year, we will request you withdraw and update the registration.

  • How will I be informed of the sale of my work?

    We will notify the sale of tour artwork within 24 hours of purchase over an email.

  • When will I get payments?

    You will receive your payments toward the artwork sale within 21 working, after it is confirmed that the buyer has received the artwork. The payment will be provided into your registered bank account with Cartist. So kindly make sure to keep your bank account and other information updated.

  • How can I update my bank account details?

    You are free to update your bank account details in your profile.