About Sustain by Cartist

Sustain by Cartist curates designer furniture through utilising old car parts and automotive waste. Inspired by elements of nature, crafted by hand, we aspire to create a sustainable auto-art ecosystem through leasing a second life to your old automobile. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition of the automobile industry towards a circular economy.

We can’t fight the climate crisis without each of us being a part of the change in this world. It is time to shift our minds from throwaway culture and mindless consumerism. At Sustain by Cartist, we aspire to restore the earth balance by promoting upcycling & recycling automotive parts. At the same time, restoring our art and culture through engaging them in the process of handcrafted furniture. We do not strive for perfection but in reduction of our impact on our planet.

Small steps make big changes

Upcycled Car scrap

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Mother earth will say Thank you.

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