Getting Started

  • What is Cartist?

    Cartist is India’s automobile art platform that aims to bring the world of

    automobiles and art together. The term “Cartist” has been conceptualized from the words, Car (auto, mobility) and Artist (creative mobility) i.e., the emerging space of realizing art in conjunction with automobiles. Cartist builds a bridge among the artists, automobile enthusiasts/owners, art lovers and society at large. In 2022, we are expanding our footprint through launching an online automobile art marketplace. This would not only promote automobile art globally and in India but also provide a platform for artists to sell their artwork.

  • Why buy automobile art on Cartist?

    Cartist is India’s leading automobile art platform which has engaged thousands of artists across the country in the last 6 years. When you buy on Cartist, you not only buy the artwork but also promote the culture of automobile art and support artists.

  • How do I place an order?

    Step 1: Select the artwork you’d like to purchase, then select ADD TO CART 

    Step 2: If you’re ready to purchase the item(s) in your cart, select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

    Step 3:  Enter your Shipping Address and payment option (online banking/credit card information/debit card) information.

    Step 4: Finally, you’ll be taken to the REVIEW YOUR ORDER screen. Please make sure all the information is correct, then select SUBMIT ORDER. You’ll receive an order confirmation email shortly.

  • Are all works of art original?

    Yes, all artworks sold at Cartist are original artworks.

  • What is the authenticity proof of my purchase?

    You will always receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature and an exact description of the work. Please note the display of signature on any original artwork is at the discretion of the artist. Generally, it is signed at the back or beneath the work.