Buy a Gift Card

Gift Card

  • How do I purchase a Cartist gift card?

    Click the Gift Card icon below. Select the amount you’d like to purchase. Enter the recipient’s name, email and a brief message you’d like emailed to them. You can use any mode of payments(credit card, debit card and Paytm, PhonePe). After your payment, you will receive an email receipt of your purchase and the recipient will also receive an E-Gift card email.

  • How do I use my gift card?

    If you are the recipient of the Cartist gift card, you’ll receive your gift card via email. The email will have a unique code for you to use, to apply your gift card at check out.

    At the time of checkout on the Cartist website after selecting your work, there will be a field to enter your code to apply the gift card amount to be used for your purchase. If the amount due is less than the Gift card, the remaining balance will be available for your future use in Gift Card. If the amount of purchase is greater than your Gift Card,  you will need to pay the remaining amount using other modes of payment.

  • Can I cancel or refund a gift card?

    No, once purchased a gift card can not be canceled/refunded.

  • What is the expiration of my gift card?

    The gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.