Vijayawada, located on the banks of Krishna River greeted Cartist Yatra with enthusiasm for the three-day event. In association with Government of Andhra Pradesh, Cartist organized one of it's biggest shows inviting a number of artists, painting 20 autos, creating two installations of the shipping containers as part of Cartist Yatra 2017-18 Amaravati -Vijayawada Art and Cultural "Car-Nival" supported by APCRDA, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. The government of Andhra Pradesh has permanently installed one painted shipping container at Vijayawada to promote art among emerging young artists by converting shipping containers into an art gallery. Scores of participants and artists from Vijayawada participated in art and cultural programs, alongside Cartist, showcased its automobile artworks in an attempt to promote the culture of Vijayawada.

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