With the aim to make art accessible to public spaces in Jaipur, Cartist partnered with Jaipur Metro Corporation to transform Jaipur Metro Stations into art galleries by painting huge walls across Jaipur in 2015. This initiative not only brought art out of galleries closer to the wider audience, but was also highly appreciated by people to add colors of joy to the city. It demonstrated an active engagement between the community and the artists leading to unique artworks.

Artist Poornima Sukumar and team, representing Transgender community completed Vivek Vihar Metro Station. Their use of bright colors in depicting their leader along with geometric design aimed to create awareness on the transgender community in society.

Joey Baker from the United Kingdom has created an artwork at Vivek Vihar. The art piece visualizes the beauty of India, its rich cultural heritage and added it with the expansion of the new era. This mural was a way of saying thank you to India and giving back what has been given to Joey.

Artist Akhlaq Ahmed from Delhi curated the spectacular work at Ram Nagar metro station. The team painted a huge multicolored wall mural "We Love Jaipur" written in an abstract form, skillfully adding a three dimension illusion. This piece is located at a busy intersection in the city and has become a new selfie point for youngsters reflecting solidarity and unity in diversity.

Artist Kahili Young from USA ,depicted her artworks towards global activism at the Shyam Nagar Metro Station. She chose the face of Tiger quenching for water, as a fierce voice for earth conservation and protection efforts.

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